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Mary Jones
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In a Sense of Love
Author: Mary Jones
(Drama / Suspense - 118,000 words)

Sample Chapters: [One] [Two]

The 356 page story is divided into two parts:

Part one: Jenny McCalaster had the perfect teenager's life. A loving Father and a caring stepmother, with friends and school activities to occupy her time. But the tragic death of her father would send her fairy tale life spinning out of control. The resulting events would take her on a desperate cross-country search for the birthmother she had never known.

Part two: Jenny has grown into a young woman in a short period of time. But her life lessons are far from over when she discovers that she is pregnant. Faced with a stepmother who says she must get an abortion, and nowhere to turn for support, she discovers a lost love letter that holds her only answer. Once again Jenny leaves her Texas home in search of the one person she believes can help her.

Curse of The Lost Tribe
Author: Mary Jones
(Mystery / Suspense)

A group of college students on summer break discover a dark spiritual mystery after they uncover artifacts from an ancient tribe of cave dwellers. They will need to use their combined talents to unravel the secret of the spirit that is haunting them. No one will be safe until the mysterious spirit has been appeased.


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